Volume 8.5 Interviews (Update)

Dear readers,

as you may or may not have known, I have previously translated two interviews with Fuse and Mitz Vah featured in volume 8.5. I had posted them to pastebin, where one of them has been privated due to the site’s TOS change. Our team has since decided to update the interviews to a pdf file and later integrate them to slime reader. Sorry for the inconvenience.



DasRay & the team


Volume 11 Release

Volume 11 hell yeah

DasRay and the team here, long time no see, now we bring you Volume 11 of “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”.

Epub & PDF ( Drive contains Coloured Edition)

Slime Reader (Will be updated soon)

This time around, we are very excited to bring you a special edition with coloured illustration. This is not official colouring done by the illustrator of the Light Novel Mitz Vah, so please consider this a fan interpretation of the illustrations. These amazing colourings were done by Theri (@jetsettheri), go support his work at his twitter handle.

With that being said, I would like to apologize beforehand regarding the quality of one specific chapter, I don’t think I’ve disclosed this publicly before, but members of the team are very aware of my criticism (or distaste) for some of Fuse’s writing, and this certain chapter embodied everything I hate about this series’ writing.

Rare footage of DasRay snapping during translation

I think most would understand why once they read the chapter, I (and Anna because I was mentally exhausted halfway through) finished translating so it last and it was edited hastily as well, I’ve also deliberatedly asked the team to focus more on other chapters, so expect the quality to be low. I take full responsbility for the possible displeasure it will cause for the readers, but please try to understand, I don’t get paid enough to fry my head with garbage. Luckily, even if you choose to ignore this chapter completely, it will not affect your overall experience with the volume’s story whatsoever, so rest assured in that regards.

Nevertheless, we hope you all enjoy the conclusion to the Western Nations Arc. From Volume 12 onward, Rimuru and his companions would begin their rivalry with the Eastern Empire.

Regarding future translations

With volume 11 comes the end of the Western Nations arc, and it also marks the sixth volume we have translated. We have grown from a small team of 4 people to now a much more competent group with over a dozen editors, proofreaders contributing to the translation. Personally as the transaltor, I would like to thank each and every member of the team, whether you are those who had become inactive, left the group, or newly joined members, thank you all for your hard work, it has been an arduous but enjoyable journey. And on behalf of the team, I would like to thank you, the fans of the series for your continued support of our fan translation.

On that note, I would like to announce that I will be taking an indefinite break from translating to focus on my personal life, another hiatus you may say, but just for myself. You may have noticed in the credit that we have had the pleasure to recruit our Korean translator Anna. In the past few volumes, Anna has only worked on small bits of the volume, but after volume 11, she will be tackling the majority of the volumes, likely for the next few entries.

It is likely that the next volume would take a longer time to come out, but do be reminded that we are not on official hiatus, however, there likely will not be an estimate for volume 12 any time soon, please be respectful and patient during the wait.

And that concludes about everything we have to say. Hope you all enjoy the new volume, have a good one.

Volume 10 Release

DasRay and the team here, long time no see.

Hopefully everyone is doing well during these tough times, stay home and be safe.

Some better news for a change, we bring you, volume 10 of Regarding That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

EPUB & PDF (Now includes mobi. file for Kindle!)

Slime Reader

A huge thanks to everyone that has worked on the volume. We had limited manpower during this period and the editors and proofreaders deserve a good rest after their input in this long volume.

Recruitment window is now closed, thank you for your support!

You are all truly wonderful, have a good one.

Volume 9 Release

DasRay and his team here, welcome back!

Volume 9 has arrived! And our translation officially resumes! Thank for your patience, we hope you will enjoy the new Opening of Tempest Federation Arc:


Slime Reader (Our own Reading App)

PS: Immediately after this post goes up, it may not be there yet as Muggy is still working on it. It should be updated in around an hour.

And an early valentine gift as compensation for our long hiatus (If your valentine consists of hentai and memes). Do remeber to read the disclaimer in the folder, the link leads to some NSFW content:


Not convinced, or not man enough to click the link above, check out these very real reviews from our editors:

I dunno man, seems kinda gay to me, but okay. lol


Yo this shit is hellaaaa gay


As always, we welcome any constructive criticism and suggestion. We hope to hear what changes you liked and disliked about this volume, and we are very motivated to bring you the next chapter in Rimuru’s story.

You are all truly wonderful, have a good one.

Where is Volume 9?

Hi, this is DasRay. Recently I have gotten many questions regarding the release and progress of volume 9 translation of Tensura. There happened to be things regarding the progress among other things that I hope to address, so might as well blog about it.

Current Progress and Release Date of Volume 9

As of the time I’m writing this, that is mid January, me and another translator (new member, say hi to Annie when the volume’s put) have translated around 70% of the volume. Editors have done around 20-30% of the editing/proofreading. Volume 9 is in fact one of the longest volume of Tensura that we’ve worked on, and let’s just say not every single chapter is that fun to translate.

With that being said, I’ve actually been rather productive for the past week, and translation should be expected done in another week around the corner of Chinese New Year. After this most members of the translation team would be focusing on editing and proofreading, which is likely another week of work. If considering some additional polish, the ETA of Volume 9 will be around Early February. The file release will again be on our website, I’ll per usual post the relevant links on reddit and discord server (which currently I’m not in, boohoo).

What we are changing

After a long hiatus, some of my personal views on what should be in a Japanese to English light novel translation has changed, and this time we will be experimenting with some changes that will make life easier for both us and the readers:

  1. No more Japanese quotation signs. E.g. 「」. All dialogue, skills will be using the English quotation signs “” from now on.
  2. Passage are now translated in predominantly past tense, but if you see some grammatical misuse, please understand it’s very difficult for us to spot as there is a difference between story telling in English and Japanese.
  3. We will try to fully integrate options for official (yenpress) translation of names and skills in our free online reading app “Slime Reader”. This is already a feature since Volume 8 if you haven’t checked it out.
  4. Translation will be less rigid in following the specific sentence structure/metaphor of the Japanese texts. Instead we will try to make things more sensible in English.
  5. Less dank memes that are completely out of context, perhaps some appropriate ones in context. Sorry guys, translation is very serious business.

Btw, do you know I’m translating a tensura doujin?

Details to be revealed during release of vol 9, kappa

Also, you don’t know how happy I was to learn that yenpress isn’t releasing vol 8 until May, not that anyone should be happy about such late release, but still… *wink*

That’s all, thank you for supporting our translation and the Tensura series, remember to support the official release of Tensura manga and light novels. See you at volume 9.

Handsome lad on the left to be featured in volume 9 (actually, everyone here gets to)

LN Side Stories Update

and other stuff

Long time no see, don’t get excited yet, we are still on hiatus. But our hardworking editor Voxel (Special Thanks to him) has been working on revising the LN side stories that I translated back in March. The one previously available on the website is a very rough version. The updated version has aligned the terminologies and overhauled the grammar. (Also available on slime reader, so check it out) We are also testing out some new formatting and we will accomodate the main story translation with it in the future.

Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10WVW8gyIaPkNNMjCYKu6OyLLZB7g_Ilc?usp=sharing

As for the main volumes, we will resume the translation at the end of November. So stay tuned.


Volume 8 release

And other stuffs

Fuse-sensei, forgive me for using these copyrighted materials

Kept you all waiting huh, well, we are finally done with editing volume 8. Although we suffered an unwarranted period of lack of productivity in the editing department, I’m very proud to say that this volume is arguably the most refined release for the all the past translation that we have done.

Google drive link

Slime reader

I hope you all will enjoy the volume, and though we will be taking the hiatus, keep your hopes high, go support the official light novel and managa release and just enjoy Tensura series in all the ways you can. Thank you for your support and we’ll see you next time.

Yours truly,

DasRay and his sweatshop minions

June Update Log

Illustration by Akechi Shizuku-sensei (明地雫), illustrator of 転生しても社畜だった件

A summary and a personal apology:

Definitely not a clickbait header, anyway, this is translator DasRay and first let’s do some brief housekeeping. As mentioned in the note of volume 7, we are taking things at a slower pace for volume 8 and 9, more attention to proofreading with Japanese source and more editing. As of a few days ago, I was still working on translating volume 9 and aiming to release both volumes near end of August when Yenpress releases volume 6, however, unforseeable events IRL has occured and I fear my productivity will be greatly reduced if not at the cost of my personal career IRL. This is why I’ve decided to temporarily stop the translation after the release of volume 8, I apologize for the unfulfilled promise and to inform the readers expecting a double release that volume 9 will be put on hold for now (Someone else will be taking over to produce pieces of volume 9 while I’m gone, but it is unlikely going to be released).

Progess in June:

My current progress on translation is 100% complete for volume 8 and 10% into volume 9. This number may seem optimistic, but Volume 9 is a long volume (e.g. 100 pages for chapter 1 only), so again I apologize beforehand if we are unable to deliver on time as I speculated a month prior.

In addition to translation, our editors have also been working hard to revise the previous two volumes. If you haven’t noticed, both volume 6 and 7 have been revised and updated in the Light Novel section. I urge the readers, whether new or old to use the revised editions as the new reference material if ever needed, as major changes to grammer and some instances terminologies and names are made. (Special thanks to Mimisan for reaching out on reddit and help us proofread volume 7 with the Japanese raw. The same love goes out to the other proofreaders who worked on the two volumes)

In other news, our own talented coder/editor muggy has finished a web reading app that will be integrated in the blog for reading the novel online so that’s something to look forward to. Check the app here or in the Light Novel section. Keep up the good work, muggy.


I think the team (at least part of) as well as myself have been productive this June. However, my own scheduel has become more restraining eariler than I expected. So again, I sincerely apologize for leaving early. I’ll be availabe again this November and enjoy relatively free scheduel for three to four months afterward, so I hope to see you all again and catch up with the lost progress. Until then, stay tuned.

Mitz Vah Interview (Volume 8.5)

Another quick translation of the other half of the interview from volume 8.5, the illustrator of Tensura みっつばー-sensei (Mitz Vah). I think the interview really reflects a lot about his outgoing personality and the style of his drawings. Not as long as the Fuse piece, but you will get some insights to the work he has done through this.

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/9hhFkKw8


Now just gonna wait if the Taiki-sensei’s interview from vol 13.5 to ever get a CN translation (prb not kek)

(RE/FIN) Discourse on Demon Lord and dementia writer

Or how I wrote a moderately long post for nothing

So I went back to read about the subject of “Demon Lord Seed” again, the metaphor of “Seed of Demon Lord” & “Egg of Hero” seem to be very commonly accepted in both EN and CN community. Honestly I’m fine with the term if the phrase “魔王の種” (Seed of Demon Lord) similar to “勇者の卵” (Egg of Hero), well if the phrase is ever shown anywhere. And when I check vol 8.5 just to be sure, here’s the grand result:

Literally no mention of the word “魔王種 “, all the addresses are “魔王”

So I guess this kinda shows that I’m right with the interpretation? The rule of Chosen Hero having a literal “egg” doesn’t apply to the Demon Lord, they are apparently just “Demon Lord”, which probably makes “Demon Lord Breed/Class” the best translation for 魔王種 . But also, Fuse, why would you use a term this frequently in your book and just completely drop it out of the official data-book that is supposed to clarify stuff. Also this is the only iteration of this term, they don’t even bother to explain it again in vol 13.5 which is a big oof I guess.

Anyhow, pretty pointless discussion at this point. I’ll just continue with what I planned, though I’m prb gonna start calling “勇者の卵” Hero’s nuts until Fuse stops nutting on me with inconsistent lores.