LN Side Stories Update

and other stuff

Long time no see, don’t get excited yet, we are still on hiatus. But our hardworking editor Voxel (Special Thanks to him) has been working on revising the LN side stories that I translated back in March. The one previously available on the website is a very rough version. The updated version has aligned the terminologies and overhauled the grammar. (Also available on slime reader, so check it out) We are also testing out some new formatting and we will accomodate the main story translation with it in the future.

Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10WVW8gyIaPkNNMjCYKu6OyLLZB7g_Ilc?usp=sharing

As for the main volumes, we will resume the translation at the end of November. So stay tuned.



19 thoughts on “LN Side Stories Update

  1. great translation I am Brazilian and I follow your work but I use Google translator to read(se vc ler essa parte aqui obrigado mano por traduzir essa novel)


  2. great translation I am Brazilian and I follow your work but I use Google translator to read(Se estiver lendo essa parte mano é ótimo o seu trabalho que pena que não posso ajudar se eu soubesse de alguma coisa eu ajudaria essa obra é minha favorita


  3. I’m sorry, but I just want to know, approximately, how long does it take to translate vol. 9?
    Anyway, thanks for all of your hard work!


  4. I just got light novel vol.1 translated by you guys. Haven’t read it yet, but still want to thank you first for doing this for the community.


  5. hey men, i recently enter the world of LN and WN and tensei shitara is one of my favorites mangas, i really apreciate your translations, i read all of it xD, now i just gonna need to wait with the rest
    can anyone tell me in which volume the japanese are?


  6. Thank you always Tensura Team for your unrelenting dedication in translating That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime! God bless, happy holidays and more power!!!🎉🎉🎉


  7. Hey D-Ray (can I call you D-Ray? Of course I can),

    Happy New Year!

    First off, thanks for all the hard work done by both you and your team.

    I was wondering if we could get an ETA on the release of Volume 9?

    Towards that end, if you would like help with editing, proofreading, or just dialogue naturalization, please don’t hesitate to reach out; I’m no expert, but I humbly submit I’m a damn good amateur!


    1. Thank you for the message, right back at you buddy. As for Volume 9, it has been a particularly lengthy volume. Progress has been slow and myself has not been in my optimal state. But we should be able to finish the volume by the end of January. No promise.


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