Q: How long does it take for a volume to come out?

Normally, translation of a volume takes around 3 – 5 weeks depending on the length, and editing, proofreading takes around the same amount of time, adding up to around 2 months in total. However, this time may fluctuate depending on the availablity of our translators and editors, and with Tensura light novels’ increase in length past volume 8, it may take up to 3 months.

PS: After we finished volume 8 last year, our team took a break for 4 months and as a result, volume 9 did not come out until February, 2020. Please do not get the impression that this is how long it takes for us to translate.

Q: What is the source for your translation?

Before the addition of our Korean translator, I use Chinese translation of Tensura to translate and will proofread with the Japanese source. Link to the source I use. Although I would never recommend anyone to use MTL to read any fiction in foreign language, if you are that passionate of a fan, you can try to read there.

Q: Why are you using “A” (Name/Terminology/etc) as opposed to “B”?

At the start of our translation, we tried to align most terminologies with the Web Novel Translation, and usually when we encounter a new terminology we do a English translation of both the Kanji name and the ruby text above the term (if any).

Now to answer the question, all I can say is that given the amount of names that require translating in the series, the translators can only do so much as to interpret and figure out what to call it with the Kanji/passage context. Usually when I have doubts regarding a name I would consult with my editors/proofreaders and of course, checking with source. We here try to at least do a better job than YP in naming, but clearly this still won’t please everyone. With that being said, our own reading app, slime reader does provide the options of subsituting names/terminologies with other iterations (also some meme versions of the names, thanks muggy), so feel free to try out the app.

But if you are still gonna bitch and harass my staff about it, then all I can say is

Edited on 13th February, 2020