Volume 8 release

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Fuse-sensei, forgive me for using these copyrighted materials

Kept you all waiting huh, well, we are finally done with editing volume 8. Although we suffered an unwarranted period of lack of productivity in the editing department, I’m very proud to say that this volume is arguably the most refined release for the all the past translation that we have done.

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I hope you all will enjoy the volume, and though we will be taking the hiatus, keep your hopes high, go support the official light novel and managa release and just enjoy Tensura series in all the ways you can. Thank you for your support and we’ll see you next time.

Yours truly,

DasRay and his sweatshop minions


15 thoughts on “Volume 8 release

    1. That really depends. Supposedly someone was to do a MTL of the script first so I can come back and edit after the break. But said person apparently has some other projects, so vol 9 translation may just be resumed after I come back.


  1. ayee thanks was bored out of my mind finding things to read until I remembered about this releasing this month and went to check


  2. Hi, I have a content feedback about a “significant inaccuracy” to point about about the Vol 13.5 translation.
    That volume wasn’t in the choices to send feedback normally, so I’m mentioning it here. (hopefully you’ll see it)

    On page 120 (of 173). It’s the first page for the Goddess of the Ever-night Kingdom side-story. To be more precise, that page contains info recap bullet points. In those, Louis Valentine is mixed up with Roy Valentine. Louis is the pope while Roy was the stand-in demon lord for Ruminas, but in that page it explains their roles as the opposite of that.
    As for their names in the side-story itself, they are used correctly.


    1. Thanks for the feedback. We are currently working on editing the side stories as they are my earliest translations. I didn’t have any editor then so there are many issues with the translation. The issue you pointed out will be revised in the next edition.

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  3. Hi, it’s been a while since you are writing the fan translation last time. How’s it going? Will you be coming back this November? When will be the next chapter translation released? I’m sorry for being impatent, I just can’t hold it anymore haha…
    Anyway, if you still have bussiness irl, good luck! Wish you the best.


  4. Hey thanks for all the work you do on these. It was good to reread these (for like the 3rd time) instead of dealing with relatives over the holidays. Hope your break is going well, you’ve deserved it!


  5. Hi, just reading your vol8 v2, and got up to p73 and saw your annotation ’37 Annotation:独裁者 (ウエニタツモノ) I have no idea what the katakana annotation means’

    The katakana is 上に立つもの but in katakana, so “One who stands on top”


    1. vol8 v2 p.128
      ’71 Not exactly sure what this is referring to, source: 隊員がいなくて与えられゐのだが’
      There are no squad members, even though they can be assigned. (referring to Gobuemon’s 100-man squad)


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