June Update Log

Illustration by Akechi Shizuku-sensei (明地雫), illustrator of 転生しても社畜だった件

A summary and a personal apology:

Definitely not a clickbait header, anyway, this is translator DasRay and first let’s do some brief housekeeping. As mentioned in the note of volume 7, we are taking things at a slower pace for volume 8 and 9, more attention to proofreading with Japanese source and more editing. As of a few days ago, I was still working on translating volume 9 and aiming to release both volumes near end of August when Yenpress releases volume 6, however, unforseeable events IRL has occured and I fear my productivity will be greatly reduced if not at the cost of my personal career IRL. This is why I’ve decided to temporarily stop the translation after the release of volume 8, I apologize for the unfulfilled promise and to inform the readers expecting a double release that volume 9 will be put on hold for now (Someone else will be taking over to produce pieces of volume 9 while I’m gone, but it is unlikely going to be released).

Progess in June:

My current progress on translation is 100% complete for volume 8 and 10% into volume 9. This number may seem optimistic, but Volume 9 is a long volume (e.g. 100 pages for chapter 1 only), so again I apologize beforehand if we are unable to deliver on time as I speculated a month prior.

In addition to translation, our editors have also been working hard to revise the previous two volumes. If you haven’t noticed, both volume 6 and 7 have been revised and updated in the Light Novel section. I urge the readers, whether new or old to use the revised editions as the new reference material if ever needed, as major changes to grammer and some instances terminologies and names are made. (Special thanks to Mimisan for reaching out on reddit and help us proofread volume 7 with the Japanese raw. The same love goes out to the other proofreaders who worked on the two volumes)

In other news, our own talented coder/editor muggy has finished a web reading app that will be integrated in the blog for reading the novel online so that’s something to look forward to. Check the app here or in the Light Novel section. Keep up the good work, muggy.


I think the team (at least part of) as well as myself have been productive this June. However, my own scheduel has become more restraining eariler than I expected. So again, I sincerely apologize for leaving early. I’ll be availabe again this November and enjoy relatively free scheduel for three to four months afterward, so I hope to see you all again and catch up with the lost progress. Until then, stay tuned.


15 thoughts on “June Update Log

  1. So will volume 8 be released in June or July? Or will you still wait and do a double release when 9 is ready as well?


    1. The original plan is to release both 8 & 9 together in late August. But in light of the change we’ll be releasing Volume 8 early in July seperately from volume 9.


  2. Are you still planning on releasing the vol 8 this month?

    Is it highly unlikely that vol 9 will be released before November?


    1. To your first question, very likely. We’ve gained some additional help recently with the editing and things are sailing smoother than the abysmal state we were in for the past few weeks. And to your second question, it really depends on when I have the time to come back and work on it, you will unlikely to hear much about new volume release until November, however, there are other projects that we have planned to fill in the gap.


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