Light Novel

You can find links to all volumes of the Tensura Light Novel series that are available in English.

Main Story

VolumeSlime ReaderEPUB/PDFOfficial Release
1Yen Press
2Yen Press
3Yen Press
4Yen Press
5Yen Press
6 (V2)Fan TranslationFan TranslationYen Press
7 (V2)Fan TranslationFan TranslationYen Press
8 (V2)Fan TranslationFan TranslationYen Press
9Fan TranslationFan Translation
10Fan TranslationFan Translation
11Fan TranslationFan Translation
12Fan TranslationFan Translation
13Fan TranslationFan Translation
14coming soon
15coming soon
16Edited MTLEdited MTL
17Edited MTLEdited MTL
18Edited MTLEdited MTL
19Edited MTLEdited MTL
*MTL = Machine TransLations using DeepL, in collaboration with CharVANder

Alternative download link: Mirror

Side Stories

Volume 8.5 + 13.5 – Long Side Stories V2 (Also available on Slime Reader)