Contributions Made Easy With Markdown + Colors

Hey everyone, Voxel here for that update on the new Markdown system, as well as a surprise!

Let’s start with the surprise first: More colored editions! Some of you may recall the colored editions for volumes 11 and 12 made by Theri, and now we’re proud to expand that lineup. The first one being volume 13, colored by Cloudy. Check out @Cloudy for more awesome art!

Like the banner above? Grab the latest release of volume 13 in our Light Novel tab, Slime Reader has it too! And speaking of Slime Reader, it now has little color badges for volumes that offer colored illustrations.

The Markdown Pipeline and Easier Contributions

As mentioned in the volume 20 announcement, we’re moving our workflow to Markdown files and automated exports. This will let us easily update volumes and support more ebook formats, such as .azw3 and .mobi.

What does this have to do with contributions? We now have the markdown files for volumes supporting the format available for all inside Slime Reader’s Github repository. If you want to suggest changes to the contents of a volume, just head there and edit the markdown files, then open a pull request on Github for review.

Making changes to Markdown files requires no special knowledge or programs, just open the text files and it will work. Our exact syntax is a little bit different from standard Markdown, so all you need to know is inside this Markdown tutorial.

As of writing, the following volumes support Markdown: 13, 14, 18, 19, 20. More to come. The system also fixes minor display issues currently affecting some volumes on Slime Reader, so please don’t mind them for the time being.

Addendum: Even More Colors!

Volume 14 now also has a colored edition featuring wonderful art by DØch, check out more art @Dochtempest!

Volume 15 now also features colored illustrations from Cloudy! Get your new epub, pdf, or check them out on Slime Reader, too!


Volume 20 Release

Hello hello, Voxel here.

The time has come and so has the edited release of volume 20! With many fixes and a myriad of other improvements over the unedited preview that some of you probably found on Slime Reader, this is the definitive edition, brought to you by our team. And it has turned out quite well, if I do say so myself, of which the following also played a small part:

Introducing the new markdown pipeline

This volume is the first to use a new build system that relies upon markdown files, which are much simpler than your average google doc. That means, a lot of the formatting and creating pdfs, epubs, and Slime Reader pages is done automagically!

In fact, these raw markdown files can be found inside the source code of Slime Reader, but more on that another time.

If this pilot run goes well, the system will be applied to all other volumes, which will make it a lot easier to update them, fixing any broken switchable terms in Slime Reader that currently exist.

All right, then without further ado, here is the new volume, I hope you enjoy!

EPUB & PDF (Mirror) or Slime Reader

Volume 15 Release

Hello again, Voxel here.

It’s finally time, the great linking of the pre and post Artificial Intelligence era. And by that I mean that it is now possible to read all the way from volume 6 to volume 20 in one go. I hope you enjoy!

Revisions of volumes 16–19 will be rolling out, adding some cleanup and style updates here and there, nothing major. Volume 20 in particular is only available as an unedited draft, but the team is working hard on a refined and edited version that will be coming in a few weeks, so you can look forward to that!

EPUB & PDF (Mirror) or Slime Reader

Volume 14 Release

Hello everyone, Voxel here.
Kept you waiting for this one, huh? Well, unfortunately it’s the first fully DeepL translated volume lacking a Japanese proofread (the same can’t be said for the upcoming volume 15, stay tuned). But that doesn’t mean that this work doesn’t adhere to our standards, in large part thanks to the ever-helpful CharVANder.

With this, one of the two missing volumes is added, bridging the gap between our previous translations, and the later volumes, allowing you to catch up with the latest Japanese releases.

Anyway, without further ado, links are below.

EPUB & PDF (Mirror) or Slime Reader

As always, feedback is welcome. Please leave it here: https://forms.gle/UUmkEyvNDShd5RGNA

See you soon for volume 15, hopefully around the end of the month!

Announcement and Volume 13 Release

Hello everyone, Voxel here again.
As you’ve probably noticed, progress has all but stopped, the indicator on Slime Reader wasn’t wrong. We had, however, finished half of the volume, so to make sure it didn’t go to waste, we’ve filled the remaining gaps (mainly chapters 3 and 4) with machine translations from the website DeepL. We then got help from CharVANder, who you may already know from her own “Fixed DeepL” releases of later volumes, some of which we’ve already collaborated on. She fixed up the rest of the volume; you can thank her for making this release finally possible.

EPUB & PDF (Mirror) or Slime Reader

Going Forward

Translators and editors are hard to come by, and working on a whole novel is a lot of work, especially with each volume getting longer than the last. So, going forward, we’ll continue collaborating with CharVANder to make the most out of DeepL’s translation engine. With that, you can expect very fast releases going forward, as we will be keeping pace with Japanese releases.
More polished releases like we’ve been striving for in the past are sadly too much work for the current team, so please support the official releases for something more professional from now on.

Thank you for all your patience until now, we hope to see you again in the future.

Volume 12 Release

Hello everyone, Voxel and the team here, standing in for DasRay. I know, it’s been a really long time, but now we finally bring you Volume 12 of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

Epub & PDF or Slime Reader

We are once again excited to bring you another special edition with colored illustrations, once again done by the talented Theri (@jetsettheri), go support his work at his twitter handle.

Aside from that, this volume will set Rimuru and his gang up for the epic showdown with the Empire, which will fill up the entirety of the next volume. We hope to bring you that one as well.

Regarding Various Name Changes

You heard that right. Moving forward, we’ve discussed changing a number of names and amending a few mistakes of the past, a luxury that digital releases allow us. Another luxury that digital releases offer, is the ability to pick your own names using our very own Slime Reader. Please do check it out, if you aren’t satisfied with the default name choices or just want to pick some really funny ones.

Some of the previous choices were based on the obsolete Web Novel translation, others were simply what we picked at the time. Either way, these are some of the notable changes:

Ruminas → Luminas (Including all other names related to her, starting with an R)

Seven Celestials → Seven Luminaries

hero and Chosen Hero → champion and Hero

Yuurazania → Eurazania

And a few more. Our previous works will be updated over the following days. Of course, these changes can be reverted using Slime Reader, if you so choose. Suggest additional name choices here: https://forms.gle/ouGH6zuAesejVJKM7

Regarding Future Translations

We will continue with volume 13 next, and might see some new, and maybe some old faces working on this one. Either way, you can follow our progress live on Slime Reader.

And that concludes about everything we have to say. I Hope you all enjoy the new volume, have a good one.