Contributions Made Easy With Markdown + Colors

Hey everyone, Voxel here for that update on the new Markdown system, as well as a surprise!

Let’s start with the surprise first: More colored editions! Some of you may recall the colored editions for volumes 11 and 12 made by Theri, and now we’re proud to expand that lineup. The first one being volume 13, colored by Cloudy. Check out @Cloudy for more awesome art!

Like the banner above? Grab the latest release of volume 13 in our Light Novel tab, Slime Reader has it too! And speaking of Slime Reader, it now has little color badges for volumes that offer colored illustrations.

The Markdown Pipeline and Easier Contributions

As mentioned in the volume 20 announcement, we’re moving our workflow to Markdown files and automated exports. This will let us easily update volumes and support more ebook formats, such as .azw3 and .mobi.

What does this have to do with contributions? We now have the markdown files for volumes supporting the format available for all inside Slime Reader’s Github repository. If you want to suggest changes to the contents of a volume, just head there and edit the markdown files, then open a pull request on Github for review.

Making changes to Markdown files requires no special knowledge or programs, just open the text files and it will work. Our exact syntax is a little bit different from standard Markdown, so all you need to know is inside this Markdown tutorial.

As of writing, the following volumes support Markdown: 13, 14, 18, 19, 20. More to come. The system also fixes minor display issues currently affecting some volumes on Slime Reader, so please don’t mind them for the time being.

Addendum: Even More Colors!

Volume 14 now also has a colored edition featuring wonderful art by DØch, check out more art @Dochtempest!

Volume 15 now also features colored illustrations from Cloudy! Get your new epub, pdf, or check them out on Slime Reader, too!


5 thoughts on “Contributions Made Easy With Markdown + Colors

    1. No news on volume 21, but assuming a 6 month cycle, I’d expect an announcement any week, it’s about time.

      ChatGPT is a lousy translator. DeepL was built for translation and runs circles around it.

      The author initially wanted to wrap it up by volume 20, but here we are, still 2 or 3 volumes from the end. After that, Fuse will probably adapt his old Web Novel post-LN-main-story side stories.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I see, so I bit over estimated ChatGPT, I heard their data for human like conversation was mostly youtube and reddit discussions, so maybe there aren’t too many japanese/nihongo discussions, so it isn’t a surprise.

        I really prefer it’s long but has and end, and not let it run for 2 or 3 decades(*looks at one piece*), cause the longer it goes the higher the chance either the author or fan R.I.P. never seeing the end of their fave story²

        ²light/web novel, manga, anime.


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