Volume 20 Release

Hello hello, Voxel here.

The time has come and so has the edited release of volume 20! With many fixes and a myriad of other improvements over the unedited preview that some of you probably found on Slime Reader, this is the definitive edition, brought to you by our team. And it has turned out quite well, if I do say so myself, of which the following also played a small part:

Introducing the new markdown pipeline

This volume is the first to use a new build system that relies upon markdown files, which are much simpler than your average google doc. That means, a lot of the formatting and creating pdfs, epubs, and Slime Reader pages is done automagically!

In fact, these raw markdown files can be found inside the source code of Slime Reader, but more on that another time.

If this pilot run goes well, the system will be applied to all other volumes, which will make it a lot easier to update them, fixing any broken switchable terms in Slime Reader that currently exist.

All right, then without further ado, here is the new volume, I hope you enjoy!

EPUB & PDF (Mirror) or Slime Reader


2 thoughts on “Volume 20 Release

  1. Are volumes 17 and up finalized or are they still being edited? I finished reading volume 16 and it was pretty good in terms of coherency even though it was MTL. However, starting around the middle of chapter two in volume 17, the grammar and coherency were getting pretty bad so I dropped it. I appreciate the work you guys are doing, but I’m a little fussy with this kinda thing, so apologies if this sounds a little offensive. If they are still in the process of being edited, I’ll read them once they’re done. Otherwise, I’ll just wait for official translations to catch up.

    Oh and if they are still being edited, could you just indicate whether it’s complete or in the process somewhere? Thanks for everyone’s hard work!


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