Volume 15 Release

Hello again, Voxel here.

It’s finally time, the great linking of the pre and post Artificial Intelligence era. And by that I mean that it is now possible to read all the way from volume 6 to volume 20 in one go. I hope you enjoy!

Revisions of volumes 16–19 will be rolling out, adding some cleanup and style updates here and there, nothing major. Volume 20 in particular is only available as an unedited draft, but the team is working hard on a refined and edited version that will be coming in a few weeks, so you can look forward to that!

EPUB & PDF (Mirror) or Slime Reader


14 thoughts on “Volume 15 Release

  1. Hello, Voxel; I was hoping to contact you regarding Translation/Formatting assistance. I already spoke with DasRay, but they directed me to you. Unfortunately, the “About” page doesn’t have a means of contacting you or anyone on the Translation team since DasRay is no longer doing translations. If you could, email me at unitetubers@gmail.com, I look forward to our conversation.


  2. Thanks! Been looking forward to this release.

    Just fyi the footnotes? were numbered wrong. I think around 3/4 they become one ahead.


    1. Are you talking about the old preview version? Because that one had the issue.

      We have since changed to a markdown system, building custom pdfs, epubs, etc.
      This recently released version (it should say 1st Edition on the credits page) does not have that problem, from what I can tell.

      Never mind, I thought this was a comment on the volume 20 release, lol.
      Needless to say, the issue with vol 15 was fixed swiftly thanks to all you guys’ feedback.


  3. Hey thanks a lot for the new volume!
    I just wanted to point out a small mistake in the footnotes, the footnote is referring to the next one that will appear, I was a bit confused at first but it’s not a big problem when you understand what’s going on.


  4. hello i dont know where can i ask this but, any reason why the vol 14 had different tag or why direct deepL translation? is there gonna be proper release soon? i wanna read 15 but i havent read 14 thank you.


  5. Ocorreu algum problema com a tradução? Tô esperando desde que apareceu no site a Raw, pela versão MTL Editada e ainda não está disponível, manda aí como presente natal pra gente, obrigado pelo esforço 👍🏻


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