Volume 12 Release

Hello everyone, Voxel and the team here, standing in for DasRay. I know, it’s been a really long time, but now we finally bring you Volume 12 of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

Epub & PDF or Slime Reader

We are once again excited to bring you another special edition with colored illustrations, once again done by the talented Theri (@jetsettheri), go support his work at his twitter handle.

Aside from that, this volume will set Rimuru and his gang up for the epic showdown with the Empire, which will fill up the entirety of the next volume. We hope to bring you that one as well.

Regarding Various Name Changes

You heard that right. Moving forward, we’ve discussed changing a number of names and amending a few mistakes of the past, a luxury that digital releases allow us. Another luxury that digital releases offer, is the ability to pick your own names using our very own Slime Reader. Please do check it out, if you aren’t satisfied with the default name choices or just want to pick some really funny ones.

Some of the previous choices were based on the obsolete Web Novel translation, others were simply what we picked at the time. Either way, these are some of the notable changes:

Ruminas → Luminas (Including all other names related to her, starting with an R)

Seven Celestials → Seven Luminaries

hero and Chosen Hero → champion and Hero

Yuurazania → Eurazania

And a few more. Our previous works will be updated over the following days. Of course, these changes can be reverted using Slime Reader, if you so choose. Suggest additional name choices here: https://forms.gle/ouGH6zuAesejVJKM7

Regarding Future Translations

We will continue with volume 13 next, and might see some new, and maybe some old faces working on this one. Either way, you can follow our progress live on Slime Reader.

And that concludes about everything we have to say. I Hope you all enjoy the new volume, have a good one.


65 thoughts on “Volume 12 Release

  1. When I had finished fan translated Vol 12, Vol 13 was already around 15% finished, then I played the waiting game, it was weeks on average to get even +1% progress, so I tried the MTL translations, vol 13 & vol 14 was a bit rough in the translation and I have to get used to the alternative names(I haven’t discovered Sigil and Calibre yet to edit the file and replace the names).

    I finished the Edited MTL Vol 18 just before Christmas in 2021, then as if a late Xmas present, on 08Jan2022, MTL Vol 19 was released.

    After MTL Vol 14, the Edited MTL got far better and you would understood interesting parts 90~95% of the time.

    If people edited and even refine more the Edited Vol 13 MTL, there would be very little difference from context from the fan translations that took an average of nearly 2 years.

    If this was false claim, then how do you think those youtube content creators, made content about Rimuru’s lategame powers and evolution(no, even AFTER his DL awakening).

    Sigil + Calibre + Edited MTL, was the best experience in LN reading IMO.

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  2. Yup, it’s impressive how much machine translations have improved in the last years. Three years ago, when the fan translations started, Google Translate was the best option and it was absolutely terrible. There was a lot of misinformation and poor speculation floating around, and there still is, especially on youtube. The wiki at least has improved significantly since then.

    Thanks to the arrival of DeepL.com for Japanese, those machine translations have become “good enough” to roughly understand the story, which replaced the original fan translation’s goal of providing “good enough” content, leading to the focus on quality, and eventually the loss of volunteer interest.

    Since then, I’ve focused on helping Charvander create better deepl translations with consistent names (https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/mobile/folders/14LqRkU1ayeIYi8MaKInDVF5LdqwVqehC?usp=sharing), so I’m glad you could enjoy those.


      1. My guess would be that they got flagged by Google’s Copyright ID system that was recently rolled out in the USA. I don’t see any warnings here, so I’m not sure. Either way, slime reader is still available. We may look for an alternative way to provide epubs and pdfs though.


  3. Yeah, thanks to your work! and I really don’t have problems with names now, I just put names I’m familiar with or understood better with Sigil + Calibre
    I have a list in excel, names I always change everytime there’s a new LN, I’m putting up a link for an image, I hope wordpress doesn’t think it’s spam.


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